Use DocScan for free, or subscribe

DocScan is a free app, enabling everyone to create high-quality scans, organize, edit and share them with ease. There are also optional DocScan BRONZE / SILVER / GOLD subscriptions for users. Let’s take a deeper look.

How to subscribe a plan?

DocScan vs. DocScan BRONZE / SILVER / GOLD

DocScan DocScan BRONZE DocScan SILVER DocScan GOLD




Free 3.99 4.99 7.99









+ 7-days trial



+ 7-days trial



Text Recognition




No ADs
App Lock

Cloud Backup

& Restore

Cloud Space

5 GB 50 GB
Web Access

Auto Backup

7 versions 14 versions
Manual Backup

15 versions 30 versions



3 devices 7 devices

Cloud Service

Upload and download from Cloud Storage. (Support Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, Files, WebDAV, SMB (Windows / Mac))

Cloud Backup and Restore

Whenever you buy a new phone or lose access to your old one, you will still be able to restore them. 

  • Web Access

    Register a web access account, then you can browse and download your documents from one of the backups. 

  • Auto Backup

    Backups occur automatically when all of the following conditions are met:

    1. Connected to power

    2. Connected to a network

    3. The device is idle

  • Auto-backup version

    SILVER / GOLD version only keeps up to 7 / 14 auto-backup versions.

    If the more auto-backup version has been created, the earliest version will be automatically replaced by the latest version.

  • Manual-backup version

    SILVER / GOLD version only keeps up to 15 / 30 manual-backup versions.

    You can keep limited backup versions. If you reach the limit, when a new backup has been created, the earliest backup will be replaced. 

Please note

  • It will automatically backup all your documents in the background about once per 3 days. If you force to quit this app, the backup process would not launch.
  • If you restart the device, the backup process is only triggered after you first unlock your device.
  • If the app is never opened and used, no automatic check and backup will be performed.

About Subscription

  • Most subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel them.
  • If you cancel a paid subscription, you can keep using the subscription until the next billing date.
  • If you cancel during a free trial period, you might lose access to the subscription immediately.

If you signed up for a free or discounted trial subscription and you don't want to renew it, cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends.

When the subscription is expired or downgraded to the bronze plan, you cannot access the cloud backup restore. The backup documents only keep on the server for 30 days, if you did not resubscribe to the silver / gold plan in 30 days, the backup documents on the server will be removed.  

When your cloud space usage exceeds the plan limit, you will not allow creating new backups. you can upgrade your plan to the gold plan, or clear all your previous backup versions.If you reach the versions limit of manual backup, the latest created backup version will replace the earliest backup version, the earliest backup version will be removed. You will be notified and ask to proceed if the earliest backup will be replaced by the latest backup. If you reach the versions limit of auto backup, the earliest auto backup will be automatically replaced by the latest auto backup. If the device limit is reached, you have to clear one of the devices (remove all backup documents of the device), then you can add a new device.

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