How to sharpen text and remove shadows?

To sharpen the text and remove the shadows, please follow the steps below:

1. Start scanning.

After proceeding to the next step, the page processing screen will appear.

2. There will be two images on the screen: 

The top image is the detected document boundary with 4 corners.

The bottom image is the cropped and enhanced result that will be eventually saved as your document.

3. There are three automatic modes for you to choose from: "Photo", "Color", and "B & W" (Black and White).

You can manually select another mode if it doesn't look right.

4. To sharpen text and remove shadows, you must select the"Color" mode or the"B & W" mode.

5. Select "B & W" if it is a black and white document.

These two modes will result in smaller file size.

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